When I started diving at age 17, I was already an avid photographer. I shot mostly black and white film, since I could process it in my parents'  basement. I can't say that I miss the stink of the chemicals, but there was something magical about watching an image materialize from nothing. Only months after my first dip below the waves, I bought a Nikonos III (basically a box with an o-ring) and a light-meter in a housing and set about wasting countless rolls of Kodachrome!

The images on these pages represent a few of my favorites made in recent years. I'll update them as new "faves" emerge but if any of them strike your fancy  just let me know! It would be my pleasure to provide a print to you!

These days, I am shooting with an Aquatica-housed Nikon D500 DSLR, a bag of lenses and a couple of Ikelite strobes. I count on this system, and it's never let me down. Aquatica is a housing manufacturer based in Montreal. I can't speak highly enough of their products and service. I use my gear constantly, year round. Their housings are bombproof and specifically designed for cold-water environments.

And I suppose I should add that I was honoured to be elected a Fellow with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, in recognition of my contribution in the photographic arts in Canada.


Bespoke Photo Services

Allow me to tag along on one or more of your dives. I'll shoot you and provide edited, professional images of you and your buddy, suitable for framing, or social media, including your watermark. I even include a little "coaching" on how to look your best! You retain all copyright of course. Fees start at $200 + expenses

Professional Editing

So often I see people post images that are "pretty good", but with just a little editing work, they could be transformed into great images. After a lifetime in graphic arts and photography, I have the tools and skills to bring your images to life. Rates begin at $8.00/image based on 10 images. Turnaround is typically 3 - 5 days.

Public Speaking

No matter the sort of group, I welcome the opportunity to provide a high-energy, entertaining and informative presentation. Whether it's a dive group, photo club, school group or company retreat, please contact me well in advance as my time is sometimes limited.

Fees vary but generally, I am happy to come for expenses and a small "donation".  You will need a suitable venue which can be darkened, as well as a high quality AV system.

Enjoy your visit and please contact me at stuart.seldon@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments!

In the mean time,  follow me on Instagram  and Facebook!

Safe diving!

Stu Seldon